Rapid between cuts HP3655

the whitespace option is not available on my latest copy of Lightburn … trying to understand how to rapid move between cuts. If I cut a square inside another square the speed of the cut is 10 times faster than the move between squares. AWC controller … will be upgrading to the touch screen AWC soon but I feel like this should be an option in any controller.

Rapid WhiteSpace is only valid for GRBL type controllers, not DSP based controllers.

Seems like an odd thing to leave out of any CNC controller but it is what it is. Thank You very much for your reply.

For DSP controllers (ruida, trotec etc.) traverse or whitespace setting is handled by the controller.

G-code does what it’s told and needs to be told to speed up where it’s not engraving. :slight_smile:

100 percent agree and on my gcode based cnc mill mastercam knows what is cut and what is positioning and inserts a rapid command. Seems like something the software should know. Is my controller gcode? I am not really sure… in any case this seems like something that should be very standard. Just my opinion. I could be wrong.

DSP controllers get sent cutting moves and non-cutting moves (similar to G0 and G1 with GCode machines), but in order to run at the speeds required for rastering images, they completely bypass the motion planner (the part that handles speeding up and slowing down at the right points to make sure the machine doesn’t exceed its limits).

For raster scans, they just take all the moves on a single row of the image and plan them as though they were one long, continuous move. We have absolutely no control over this. If you want it changed, you’d need to take that up with TopWisdom.

Thank you for that. The thing that is odd to me is I can cut two squares of paper at 400mm/s and place them 12 inches apart and the controller zooms around the paper but crawls to the next square. I get what you are saying though and iappreciate your answer. I am just used to cnc and i need to learn the details of this tech. Thank you.

That’s not an odd thing at all - the controller behaves differently when in “raster mode” for exactly the reasons I detailed above.

An image engraving at 500mm/sec with an interval of 0.05mm produces up to 10,000 commands a second that the controller needs to chew through. CNC machines don’t need to deal with anything remotely that fast.

Thank you very much for the clarification/analysis. I have a much better understanding of this now. I have a relative with a Bystronic fiber laser and that thing works exactly like a CNC mill … they do not do much engraving if at all … mostly steel cutting and the speed in all cases is insanely fast … this however is nowhere near the class of laser that I am using … mine was 20 grand … his was close to a million. Money talks I suppose. Anyway I am good with the explanation and appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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