Raspberry PI computer

Lightburn running independently, on a $35 dollar Raspberry PI as a stand alone software application, what would I need as I’m thinking about trying it, thanks in advance.

LightBurn is not supported on the Raspberry Pi because we do not have ARM architecture builds available. You may have seen some people talk about getting it to work which is technically true but it’s on the ARM builds of Windows 10 running on the Raspberry Pi and the only reason LightBurn works in that case is that ARM Windows 10 has x86 emulation - so note: that will mean you are running emulated code on an already low power device. It technically runs but it is very slow and, either way, using it in such a manner is not supported.

If you want a cheap machine to run LightBurn I would recommend finding a cheap used laptop and run Ubuntu 18, which is supported.

Thanks for the reply, it’s appreciated. Wanted to turn it into a standalone system going small, but the old laptop is probably the way to go.

I’m running on a $170 miniPC and it seems to work well although I have not run any images on it yet.

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