Raster engraving is skewed but vector cutting is not

I’m having the same issue that ioniccoatings had back in '19 with his GRBL setup. (vector cuts fine but raster skews). Reducing the resolution helps but is not a fix and remains pronounced on larger projects. I was hoping there is a similar setting (“GRBL $2”) for Ruida to fix my problem. Ive tried different file types and the results are exactly the same which leads me to think it’s a setting in the software. Currently running LB 0.9.22
I’m a noob so any and all help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Home built Machine 1225x1096
Ruida RDC6445G(EC)
Leadshine DM542 Drivers
RECI w4 100w
Cloudray W120 Power Supply

Thank you, I will give it a shot today and let you know.

Thanks, Rick. Cuts perfect now

Ruida Controller
Manufactory Settings
Set both x & y axis PWM Rising Edge v = Yes


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