"Rasterizing vectors / images" now takes forever

This issue has come up for me in the latest updates .12 and .13.

I have a file of mostly text with a couple of shapes. Before the update I would be able to preview and send the file to the laser with minimum wait time. Now, however, it takes more than 2 minutes.

Interestingly, I think I’ve found that there’s a threshold that makes a huge jump in the time to process. If I select 70% of my text (cut selected shapes turned on), then it takes the 2 minutes. But if I select 65%, then it is almost instant. There isn’t a time difference between 70% and 100% of the text selected.

I noticed that when I turn anti-aliasing off it takes much shorter, so I can do that. But is there a reason this changed? I’d prefer to leave anti-aliasing on because it does make the text easier to read and proof.

Do you have a ramp set in the fill? Can you attach (or email) the file that you’re using so we can have a look?

I am not using ramps. I’ll email the file. Thanks for looking into it.

I am having the same issue, intrestingly prior to the .13 update the file was fine as I had burnt it and was prepping for another run when the update option came up.

I have checked and no ramps on this file either. Looking forward to any future advice that might arise.

This is found and fixed. We added code to the raster engine to display a progress bar, but updating the progress bar involves processing all the other events in the system, which include redrawing the main display, and with complex files that adds a lot of time. Code has been added to prevent this extra overhead.

In fact we found a couple other places to improve the speed, so the 0.9.14 version is even faster than 0.9.11 was.

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Thanks Oz! This is one of the reasons why I love lightburn, issues are fixed as soon as possible

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