RD File management/tranfer

is there a way to get the output file to save locally so i can send/push it to laser (boss/Ruida) I am working on making the files into a catalog by using a SKU number. I dont have a lot of comfort room besides the laser and would prefer to do that work in the office area.
I see the save RD File but how can i push that to the laser or is it limited to sd card and using the controller panel on the laser?

Save RD File is what you’re looking for. I’m trying to understand your reservation about using UDisk on the control panel. Keep in mind that you will need to copy from UDisk to internal storage before you can run a file.

You can also run RD files from LightBurn but it sounded like that wasn’t going to be convenient for you.

Is there another workflow you had in mind?

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Sorry, not having a reservation about it, just didnt understand it. I will dig into it and see, most of the time, i do the remote sending and just run from the control panel, i understand that there is features that I am not using or understanding. Thanks! UDisk is a keyword that i can dig into!

thanks B! UDisk and save RD works. for what i was looking at doing to build the catalog! found a video pretty much doing what i was looking to do!

Nice! Glad that’s going to work for you.

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was one of them, just could not find the correct term to figure out what i was looking for and avoided posting the question as i knew it had to be there if i kept looking but gave up. Again thanks!