RD Files invalid after upgrade to Lightburn 1.2

I upgraded to 1.2 and now when I save RD files to a USB drive to transfer to my laser, the controller gives me a “File Invalid unknown file” when trying to copy the file from USB to Laser memory. This is the only way I am currently able to transfer files to my laser. If I copy a RD file created from the previous version of lightburn to the same USB drive it transfers with no error. Current Lightburn version LightBurn 1.2.00, built Thu 2022-06-30 @ 11:55 Ruida Controller 644XG, 150W 1300x900 Laser built by HTec

When I downgraded Lightburn to 0.9.24 the same Lightburn project saved to the same USB drive was transferred to the laser with no error.

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