Rd works to lightburn

I’m getting ride of my old laptop, of course I started on RD works. Is there an easy way to covert all the RD files I have to be used in LB? Other than exporting them one at a time?

If they are already RD files, LightBurn will open them.

LightBurn can import vector shapes from RD files, but not RLD files. For those, you’d need to export to AI or similar first, then import that into LightBurn.

They are all. rld files.

I’ve found the most reliable method is to just open RDwork and lightburn and select all in RDworks copy and paste into new Lightburn project then set the burn layer setting up in Lightburn, save as Lightburn never go back hahah, RD works is errr ok but Lightburn far superior software… but you still got the files. Slower but there will be no issues missing things and you can check side by side.

I haven’t used RD is abt 3 yrs, I just have the files still.

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