Rd6445g controller

I have just bought myself a CO2 laser made by MC. It has a RD6445g controller. I have downloaded you free 30 day trial but I cannot get it to read or see my laser. I’ve looked to see if I can put it on manually but my controller is not on your list. I have read on your forum that it should be there? Can you advise me the best way to get it connected to my pc? I’m using a usb connection as I thought this would be easier. Thanks

Did you install the driver at the end of the LightBurn install? Follow the guide here:

Hi Oz. I didn’t but I have downloaded the drivers now and still can’t find my controller. Any help would be appreciated? Thank you

You said it’s a Ruida, correct? If you select “Ruida” that should work.

When you plug the controller in to the PC with the USB cable, do you hear the Windows “ding!” to tell you it recognized the device? If not, the cable itself, or the short extension from the controller box inside the cabinet to the port on the outside could be faulty. This isn’t uncommon, so check those too.

The computer does ding but it still will not connect? I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or it’s lightburn just not seeing my machine?

I’m unsure ifs it Rudia. All I know is my controller is RD6445g I have set lightburn to Rudia and still noting.

Have you tried to connect the machine with RDWorks, just to verify that the controller / communication itself is not the problem?

If RDWorks will connect to the machine, try this: draw a square in RDWorks, click ‘Save to UFile’ in the lower-right, and email the saved RD file to support@lightburnsoftware.com along with a link to this thread. I can verify that the software is using a scramble key that we support.