RDC-6445G not able to move after homing

Hi there folks I am building a diy co2 laser Im at the point of testing the XY movment and get the wiring done but I have this problem I cant make the machine to move the way a want it to… once the home cycle is finish it will only go the way to crash the machine . if I CHANGE the dir polarity it will work now, the machine moves to the correct working area but the home cycle will go to the corner where are no limit switch… how can I FIX THIS? also I try to change the limit polarity but when it starts it will go rapid move to the other side where there is no limit switch, also change in software where my corner of homing is and will not solve the issue I Try rdworkds same thing hoping it was isse of software switch to lightburn but not able to solve the problem… any help out there thanks you very much.

set the homing position to the other side

I already try changing all corners from software (lightburn/rdworks v8)and same result, is there a way to set this option directly from the ruida controller?

I have the RDC644XG2016Manual.pdf here and on page 39 it says you can set the origin through the screen on the machine. “Screen Origin” is the setting

Fix my problem :smile: !. it has to do if with the controller and software have to match all settings and for some reason this time it worked to switch the limit polarity in the vendor settings. Thanks for taking your time to help.cheers.

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By “software,” do you mean in RDWorks or in Lightburn?Where do you look in Lightburn to see if all the settings are the same as the controller?

using lightburn… in machine settings is where you find vendor settings

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