RDC6432G No XY Movement

New install of this controller on a K40. Stepper drivers are enabled as I cannot move the head by hand. Interestingly I can’t connect to the controller with RDWorks but I can with LightBurn. I can’t jog with the keypad, the axis do not home. Stepper drivers are set to 1.0 amp 25,000 pulse/rev… Should I need to ground the WP or interlock for the axis to move?

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious as I am new to Ruida controllers.

Thanks for any direction.

I thought it odd that the CloudRay wiring diagram had the Pul- and Dir- crossed to the stepper drivers. Got that sorted out and the axis move. They head to home correctly to upper left but the limit switches do nothing, even after changing the polarity.

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