RDC6445G(EC) ultimate air assist doesn't turn off after job completed

Hi Guys,
I’ve a problem with Cloudray air assist on a RDC6445(EC) controller… I’ve same kit working fine on another laser, different Ruida controller.
I’ve found heaps of people complaining about the air assist on 6445G turning on and off rapidly, and I did find a solution for it as well.
My issue is a bit different. The air assist is off when the machine is turned on. If I run the job with “Air Assist” off, no issues, it doesn’t turn on… If I run the job with “Air Assist” on, it turns on as expected, however, once the job is completed, it doesn’t turn off again.
The controller came with the firmware .19 version, I’ve downgraded it to .15 and .18 and still not luck. I found the settings in RDWorks 8.0.48 to the set the “blowing mode” and neither makes the air assist to turn off. Also, I tried Status and Wind, no luck with either of them. The air assist doesn’t turn off at the end of the job.
Now, I can’t upgrade to .19 firmware as I can’t find it :slight_smile:
So, I’m using .18. I haven’t tried .14 or lower as I can’t find them neither.
Has anyone successfully installed Cloudray air assist on a RDC6445(EC)? if so, please what firmware version do you have?
Thank you!

I have the 6445G. I had a low resolution monitor and didn’t see the read / write tabs when I was in the air assist select window in RDWorks. If you don’t read it and then write it, it doesn’t stick.

I have the 6445G firmware on my Google Mod Page for .15 and .19, as well as RDWorks .44 and .47. .47 is the last known stable release. .48 and .49 are the camera beta releases.

I didn’t get the air assist kit as I had a different configuration in mind, but I did get the same solenoid valve. There are pics part way down my page. Did you put the diode in the circuit on the solenoid and relay? I put mine directly on the solenoid to make sure I didn’t screw up the polarity, Ruida switching the ground has thrown me for a loop many a time.

Hi @Dave01,
Thanks for the reply!!
I saw your posts before and I don’t have same issues as you had… and yes, I can see read/write buttons and the configuration is being saved successfully as I can see the changes I made on new files.
Yes, I did put the diode in the solenoid. I have other machines with same kit working fine for over year and the only difference is that this new machine is 6445G(EC) the others are 6332 or 644X.
I’ll try your .19 firmware when I have the chance, the machine came with .19 and it wasn’t working that is why I downgraded it to .15 and .18 for testing it.
My issue is that the solenoid light is off when the machine turns on, and the when I run a job for test with air assist on( if wind is connected) or laser start(status is connected) the solenoid light turns on and the air comes out as expected, but then the job finishes and the solenoid doesn’t turn off and the air keeps going.
I need to double check as I think I have a spare 6445G controller, I bought ages ago as a back up for an old machine but I haven’t used it yet. I may try this one to see if there is any difference related to 6445G(EC).

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