Re-centering workspace

While working on a design in Lightburn and zooming in & out the workspace doesn’t end up centered in Lightburn. Is there a way to realign it other than shutting down & restarting Lightburn? Hopefully I explained it correctly.


With “zoom to page” it goes well here with me.

Works fine this end too. :thinking:

Thank you, that was a big help.

Not really, so if you would, rephrase for clarity, that might be helpful. :slight_smile:

In LightBurn, the Zoom happens at the mouse pointer, unless you are using the keyboard or clicking one of the zoom icons. Scrolling the mouse wheel will zoom in or out from the location of the mouse - you can simply point at something with the mouse and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in on that point. If you have a touch-pad (like a Mac) using a two-finger swipe up or down does the same thing.

You can also use the - and + keys in the upper-right of the keyboard to zoom.

Is this what you are seeing?

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