Re-set zero after jogging rotary

Chuck rotary, Galvo laser

Quest is to jog rotary specific distance and then establish new position as zero>>

When I chuck a cylinder up in the rotary, I don’t see a way to rotate the chuck so work piece is dead center “Up” and re-establish position as zero. I can “Go to Zero” and I can “Jog”, but what I want is combo, example jog cylinder 10mm, or 0.02mm, etc. and then establish resulting position as “Zero”.

I can “Go to Zero”, and then loosen chuck jaws and rotate work piece by hand, but looking for something more precise.

Seemed like I could reset the position counter to zero in the past without the chuck physically rotating but can’t seem to figure it out now. Maybe brain fart.

Also, Is there a setting (Or add to next update) to keep the framing laser on when going to the “Rotary Marking” window. Example, select frame, “Live Framing” window pops up, framing laser fires, but select “Start” from that screen and “Rotary Marking” window opens, framing laser stops.

Thanks in advance.

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I’ve struggled with learning how the rotary works with the fiber.

It seems to start from wherever the head is. Unlike the rotary on my China Blue co2 machine. It will return to zero if you set that or the rotary…

I know what you mean, but I don’t know of any way to move the rotary when it’s framing, so you have to guess… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Maybe someone who knows can find solutions for these…


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