Reading a barcode into Lightburn

I’m a newbie to this software.
Can I use a barcode scanner to read barcodes directly into Lightburn?
I am not trying to create a barcode but read an existing barcode and put the characters in to Lightburn.

There’s no direct facility for this. However, depending on your needs you could potentially scan and then write to a CSV file which could then be read in LightBurn. Or if the scanner could act as a keyboard you could potentially have it scan and enter text.

I assume you’re trying to do this as some sort of automated process. Other than writing to a CSV I suspect this will be difficult in that case.

Elaborate on your specific needs if you’d like to explore further.

As @berainlb alluded to, barcode scanners often set themselves up as a virtual keyboard. Anywhere where you normally enter text via a keyboard you can also use a barcode scanner.
Is this the type of scanner you’re thinking of using?


Thank you both for the replies.
Yes, I use those type barcode scanners and use them as keyboard entry.
If your interested I’ll describe the process more, I’ll be using the laser to make stencils with, for my use laser cut stencil are better than a blade cut stencil. I create templates that can be called up then simply scan the barcodes into that template.
I have 4 line items on a card that are barcoded, each line has up to 13 numbers that have to be absolutely correct and in the correct location.

Obligatory warning about laser-cutting PVC vinyl sheets in production: don’t.

A recent discussion, with an ugly picture:

If you can possibly use a non-chlorine plastic film, do so.

I use laser-safe polyurethane films for PSA and HTV applications and they (seem to) work well for my simple needs.

Thank you all, I use a polyester film

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