Ready to play ball?

Had a travel softball team call me about marking their softball. What do you think? Anything I could do to make it better? I ran it as an image 400mm/s 18% pwr jarvis. What would you charge for this?

If it’s a simple on/off image, threshold would probably be a better choice, and might lessen the blur at the edges a little. Otherwise it looks good!

I’ll try that thanks.

I charged them $3.00 each, said he was bringing me 50 balls to do. That’s an easy $150.00 payday.

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Good for you Josh, so these lasers are not just a money pit then:-)



For me no…I bought mine 2 going on 3 years ago. Knowing nothing about lasers, it was when the tumbler craze just hit. I learned enough to just hit the start button and go. Still don’t know much more than that today… anyway, if I was to put pencil to paper I’d say I’ve made close to 10 grand in those 2.5 yrs.