Real View like Preview on real laser track?

Is Real View on real laser track possible like in Preview?
In the kind of LaserGRBL?
So we can see what is done and what is to do.

Or is it available and I have not seen it.


LightBurn will not provide features that could be considered to facilitate any type of Remote Monitoring. It is just not safe and we need to sleep at night.

On a GCode controller, you see progress on the computer because the job is being streamed on the fly as it is run. With a DSP controller, the job is sent to the controller in one go, and the controller runs the job. Sometimes the controller starts running the job before the send it complete, but any ‘progress’ you see at the PC is the progress of the send, not the run.

LightBurn does not show in-progress status from the PC for anything - we don’t show live position of the job, for example, regardless of controller, because it would encourage you to watch the display, instead of attending to the job at the laser. Lasers make fire as part of their normal operation, so any feature whose only use is remote monitoring we simply won’t do - it’s too risky.

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