Realign camera every startup

Why does my camera alignment change each time I turn on the laser.
Just enough to be annoyed, accuracy is a cm off. Until I realign.
Boss laser 3655
90deg camera
Mounted cam on under side of lid
While I’m using it stays aligned

Probably your lid doesn’t open to the exact same place every time. If the lid opens even one degree off, it’s enough to make a significant difference to the camera. If it’s off only vertically, then this is what’s happening.

Does the z axis change make a difference or is that figured in when it homes

You said boss laser 3655 - Is that an HP or LS version? The HP has a variable height lens tube which makes it more difficult to use the camera.

The distance from the top of the material to the camera must always be the same. You can raise or lower the Z table as long as the top of the material is at the same distance from the camera as the calibration markers were. On most lasers, the lens tube is fixed, meaning the height that you focus the material to is the same, so this works fine. If you change the focus height of the machine you’ll need to re-align the camera.

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