Realistic lubrication for Guide Rail

I know this has been discussed before. I have a large number of Industrial machinery in my wood shop
including a two head 15 HP CNC Router. The grease I use for them is a heavy machinery type, black in color and nasty to get on your hands. It will drip off the rails of the router on occasion. My Omtech 60W Laser had a tube of grease included that is like heavy glue. Impossible to apply evenly, it is white. I have developed a problem that shows it’s ugly face every so often: The head relocates about three quarters of the way through some pieces, usually to the left as much as five inches, then continues to run the remainder of the file offset those five inches. I load my work in different areas of the Honeycomb to help keep it clean. This always happens on the “X” axis. Anyone had this happen? Did you re-lubricate your guide rails? I would like to use my shop grease, really don’t want any of it dripping onto the work piece. I am not going to use oil. To me, that is a disaster waiting to happen.
I am in the office and don’t have access to the work with the offset at the moment. If you would like a photo of one of them I can get that when I go to the shop.

Appreciate any ideas.

I am realizing that my problem may be fact that my engrave program isn’t being fully received by the Ruida Controller (6442B-C) When I get to the shop I am going to delete the files present in the controller and see if that fixes the problem.

Also: I normally send the file via “Start”. I am going to try using “Send”.

On the subject of lubrication:

HiWin, the bearing people, ship their rails with lithium grease (white grease, like bicycle grease).

I have used it for a couple of decades on lasers and CNCs with no problems.

It doesn’t mind heat or cold, doesn’t pick up a lot of debris, is easy to apply and wipe off.

Wipe the rails down with a clean cloth. Put a little dab on a cloth and run it up and down the rail, followed by a full end-to-end traverse of both axes and you’re good to go.

The unmarked white tube sent with the OMT laser. is it lube or silicone sealant for the HV connections at the CO2 tube. I like you thought it was lube but it set up causing all kind of problems with travel. I cleaned it with a stiff nylon brush I currently use an oil called triflow now. When I PM. The machine just wipe off the old add a little bit of new and good to go.