Recent projects is not updating with latest projects

The recent projects option under File is not updating. I have 24 listed. Have I maxed out? Most I do not need there. How can I edit/delete the projects listed under Recent projects? Thanks.

I too have 24 listed. When I OPENed a Lightburn file I had never opened before, it did appear in the Recent Projects list. Any chance you used Import, but did not save it in the Lightburn format?

Thanks for writing. Could be. The last few projects involved importing images/files. I will play around with the various combos when I get back to my projects. Have a good day.

It seems to me the jobs don’t populate the recent file list unless the job has been run. If you just created something and saved it without actually sending it to the laser to be completed it doesn’t seem to be entered into the recent list.

Of course there is always the possibility that I am wrong.

More specifically, if you never save the project it will not be a candidate for recent files. If you have a saved name it will show in recent files at the top of the list. The 25th file is rolled off.

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