Recommendation for Lightburn Start Button

Love everything about it but one thing. When I press “Start” I then typically pay attention to my work. The next time I touch the touchpad is when the job is done and the cursor is still floating over “Start” where I invariably hit it again no matter how careful I am.

I have taken to moving the cursor after hitting start however sometimes I still forget.

I think it would be useful for the cursor to snap off the start button after a predetermined number of seconds or when the job completes then the cursor snaps off of the start button.

Anyone else find this annoying or is it just me?

It should place the cursor over the STOP button after you click START. That would be safest. I’d also like the FIRE button to glow or change color when its ON and then go back to dull when off. I can’t tell when it’s on or off.

The Fire button does change color when enabled on every OS I’ve tried it on. What is yours? Personally, I hate when software moves my mouse for me, and putting the cursor over the Stop button would be just as bad in a different way - If you touched the trackpad and it stopped a running job that wouldn’t be good.

OK. Now that I take a close look I see it changes. What I do is hover over the FIRE button and it turns light blue. I leave the mouse there. Then when I click ‘fire’ it turns a darker shade of blue. When you click again it turns lighter blue. When I’m clicking this, I’m going back and forth to the laser and when I glance over to the PC I see blue and can’t tell if it’s the dark blue or the light blue unless I click it again. Kind of important to know if it’s on or not before I stick my head in there.
Then again which represents on and which is off? Light blue or dark blue? Pretty sure it’s light blue is off. Hard to tell if it’s on or off unless you look carefully while you click. Not as hard now since before I didn’t even notice it was changing colors. So yes it changes color but I’d like to see maybe RED and GREEN. Or ON and OFF labels. Or DANGER flashing and maybe a siren, ha ha.
(windows 10)

You should only ever use this to aim or focus a diode laser at low power, so I’m not sure I understand the need for flashing lights and sirens - your visible beam should be a pretty good indication that it’s on. :slight_smile: I can make the button turn red when enabled though.

Obviously joking about the siren. Not so obvious is using the visible beam to tell. I’m an idiot new user and my NEJE master 2 beam apparently is always on. In my futile attempt to turn it off I clicked FIRE about 10 times and didn’t know if it was working or not and didn’t remember what color it was when I started. I figured out it was working by bumping up the power until it was obvious. So just a minor bit of confusion for me. But thanks for turning it RED in the future. This is the best supported software I have ever seen and I’m a Systems Programmer.

I’ve added a red halo for the next release:

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