Recommendation for Lightburn

All of the vector programs I use have a sort of snap to feature when rotating an object or an option to hold shift to enable this. In Lightburn if I have a shape and need to rotate it say 45, 90 or 180 degrees it’s very hard to get it to land on that exact amount (unless I am missing something). Most programs will sort of stick to those common angles until you push past them to allow precise alignment of objects.

Some other programs allow it if you hold down the shift key while rotating. I would be happy with either method myself I just find it keeps bouncing between say 179-182 rather than easily hitting 180.

If these is a key or setting for this already please enlighten me.


For lightburn rotation, hold the control key while using the rotation handles on the corners of the bounding box. This will give you five degree snap. You can use the 3x3 grid on the tool bar to determine rotation center as well.

I may be over simplifying this, but what’s wrong with selecting the shape and typing in the exact amount you want it rotated in the Rotate option on the main toolbar? image

With that, you can be as precise as you want and get it exact.

Ctrl gives 5 deg snaps, as Fred mentioned. The angle is also shown in the bottom of the screen. You can also use the comma and decimal keys to rotate by 90 degrees quickly.

Hmm… On Mac holding down control while rotating does nothing, same with option, command or shift.

Well, as a long time designer I am just use to being able to do this via mouse and not needing to type it in, yes that will work but mouse would be preferred.

Ctrl on Windows = CMD on macOS. :slight_smile: Hold down the command key to shift to 5º increments.


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