Reconcile LightBurn power settings with K-40 pot

To whom, and thank you for your timely consideration.
I use a K-40 laser and new Cohesion control board. (What a Game Changer!)
However, it seems the power potentiometer on the K-40 overrides any power settings set in the LightBurn cut pallette.
Am I missing something?
Does this mean I have to monitor the laser and make manual power adjustments as needed for cutting and engraving as it proceeds through the layers?
Is there a way to bypass the pot?

With the C3D, you set the maximum power on the potentiometer, and LightBurn’s percentage is a percentage of that maximum. Most people use the test button on the laser to set the pot to about 12ma to 15ma and then rarely touch it again.

Thanks for the quick response and the valuable insight. I’m heading out to the shop and give it a go.
Thank you!

and I can’t stress enough how important it is to read through these FAQ pages regarding your K40. Every one of them too as you might think it doesn’t pertain to you, your machine or how you use it but eventually it will and having an understanding up front can even save you from damaging your machine or worst.

I have a K40 and have read through the FAQs. I’ve also made some parts for the K40( for example: ) so maybe you want to browse my projects and look for others too.

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This is another good resource for K40 owners:


YES! Maker Forums are fantastic!

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It has been a labor of love for me and my site admin. We saved over 400,000 Google+ posts dealing with the maker community when G+ was shut down. And it is all searchable, which G+ was not set up for properly.

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yes and I was a bit more active on the G+ site than on your new location but should get back and help out. I was deep in setup, hacking and the likes with my K40 back in the G+ days.

My hat is off to you for what you did and do. :slight_smile:

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