Records lines between letters

How can I configure the software so that it always stays at $ 32 = 1 since if I forget to put it on the console it records lines between letters
Thank you and excuse my English

What controller are you using? Some CNC controllers automatically defauult back to $32=0 every time it power cycles. Shapeko machines are one of these.

The standard, stock version of GRBL does not reset this setting, but some software applications and customized firmwares, like for XCarve and Shapeoko, do reset this. There isn’t a way to make LightBurn force the setting, but you can set a macro to do it, and use that when you launch LightBurn.

Hello and thanks for answering, it is a Chinese 4050 Laser Engraving

Hello and thanks, could you tell me how to create the macro?

In the console, right-click one of the Macro buttons to edit the content. Left click to send the content of the macro to the machine.

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