Rectangle Frame no longer does its test in a rectangle?

Running windows 11 Pro. AtomStack A24 laser. I have burned/cutout a half a dozen things just fine and now when I pull up a project I’ve already run before, choose the “Home” button and it goes there, then I choose the rectangle frame, but now it goes to the right a couple of inches, then up a couple of inches and then back a couple of inches. I don’t know what I’ve done, but it used to go right, up, left and down. I’ve rebooted the PC as well as turning on/off the AtomStack. I’m a total beginner with this laser and software.

You might try going to file > preferences > load pref. backup and choose a backup before you had problems.

An “L” shape frame? If @Dskall’s solution does not solve it, try reinstalling Lightburn.