Red/Black 80W laser not behaving correctly

Hi all,

First time laser machine owner. I bought an eBay Red/Back 80w laser after doing some research. It looks like I lucked out with a Ruida 644XS controller (I might do the auto focus upgrade on this).

Since turning on the machine, it seems that its either loosing steps (might need calibration) and the cuts I’m getting are off (I will post a few pictures). They don’t finish, 50x50mm square, top right corner doesn’t finish or overcuts.

I did some repetition testing on it, and it seems that it can’t hold/remember its position. Repeating two cuts in the same location, produces offset cuts.

Is there anything I should be looking for physically on the machine? Is there an easy guide to calibrating the X & Y on this particular machine/controller?

Thank you all very much for any advice in advance. I would love to get this thing humming and cutting my projects.

It ended up being loose belts on Y, and had to tighten up the X belt as well.

Machine works as expected, have had no issues with it thus far.

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