Red dot pointer wiring

I’ve my laser 3 plus year and in that time I’ve had to fix the wires going to the red dot pointer 4 times. The OEM wires lasted 2 of those 3 years. Then one day they broke and I replaced both wires, they broke. So the next I fixed the problem I bought a wider drag chain in hopes that the problem would go away. Well it’s come back and I’m tired of fixing the issue. It always seems to brake in the bend of the guide chain. Is there another way to route the wires so this problem STOPS? I thought about over head, but there would be to much slack ones the lid is closed. I need y’all that are much smarter than me to help me solve this pain in the rear problem.

Use ultraflexible, multi stranded Silicon wiring. Available at many hobby shops as it is used in R/C models quite often. It is also available online form places like amazon.

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