Red Laser Dot out of alignment with Cutting Laser

A while ago I hit the “Home” button on my laser cutter and the head move so far to the top right corner it started clashing and grinding against the housing/sides… It was clearly trying to go further than physically possible

After this I noticed the cutting efficiency was out and I had to realign the mirrors

However I also noticed that the red dot guide laser was completely out of alignment with the actual cutting laser

I also notice now that the red dot shows up differently when I switch it on/off back on again… alternatively it shows up as a precise dot and then as more of a line… on off on off it switches between the two ???

None of this has effected the cutting but it would be nice to have it back the way it was originally… its a new machine to me 6 weeks old

I’ve attached some photo’s that show how the red dot is off compared to the aligned laser and also the two states of the red dot (perhaps this bit means nothing)

Any help would be appreciated

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