Redsail X700 for sale

I am selling a three year old Redsail X700 100W tube. It needs some work. Lines are a bit wobbly on the X axis.

Only $750 on eBay.

Pick up only in Santa Fe, New Mexico

100 W Reci laser tube
Bed size 700 mm x 500 mm (27.5 in x 19.7 in)
TopWisdom controller - Compatible with AutoLaser software for Windows. Also compatible with LightBurn for Windows or Mac.

Includes only the Redsail X700 and power supply. Does not include chiller, air assist or exhaust fans.

The machine needs some work. Lines on the X axis are a little wobbly. Likely needs parts. Burns stronger on some ends of the table better than others. Probably just needs mirror work? If you know your way around laser cutters, should be a fairly easy fix for you. If you never owned or worked on a laser cutter, it could be a problem for you to figure out.

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