Reestablishing Ruida Settings

I installed a new and improved laser lens tube for my red-and-black. It sits farther away from the gantry . . . and I made appropriate adjustments to the second mirror mount.

But in the process of realigning the mirrors, I was trying to set the max power to minimum on my Ruida2445G controller so as not to burn the tape so badly while pulsing.

But while navigating through the buttons, I reset something and everything is wonky and I don’t know how to change it back. It homes to the top left instead of top right. The Z-axis stepper motor is limited to how far it goes down . . .

Can that be achieved through LB’s Edit Machine Settings Backup?

Typo? 6445g?

It would be nice if you can elaborate on what the difference in tubes are and what kind of changes you made.

Did you change out the controller?

If you only changed out the tube, why would you be changing other things in the Ruida beside min/max?

This is dependent on where your home switches are located… It can’t have it’s configuration changed to a different home position without a change of home switch physical location…

It can’t home successfully at a different corner, from a controller value change alone.


I hate it when that happens … :grin:

You can (probably) recover an automatic backup made before that whoopsie through the Load from Backup button in Edit → Machine Settings:

Pick an earlier date and your machine will go back in time!

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YES! This ended up being exactly what I did. I was in quite a panic feeling like quite the idiot, but then with a click of the button, everything was restored! Ahhhh, thank you fairy Lightburn. (You look strangely similar to ednisley.)

Well done!


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