Referencing in a reply

Guys, a quickie…

If I want t reference

Getting Started Auto Focus Question in a reply

Do I

#Getting Started: Auto Focus Question




Something else please :pleading_face:

… you just select the text you want to reference with the mouse and then it pops up - "Quote -, this automatically starts a post window

Eiiiiiiiii I went through the bot training to reference a site location by section and Topic and I like your version morre…


Have a good one :slight_smile:

You can also reference entire posts by clicking the post ‘time / date’ to provide a link you can paste into your reply.

thanks guys


Then one more thing please…who can put “RESOLVED” ?

You can edit the post title to show “RESOLVED”. We also provide a ‘Solution’ button on many, but not all Post Categories, so look there to make the easiest edit to mark resolved. Click the ‘3-dots’ to expose additional post options.


Thanks again, we just got one of the critters :slight_smile:

Actually there was no sulution option and the starter of the Topic might have had it available to them so I asked if they can mark it.
I like looking through for resolved issues as much as any…

These were the options available to me. I will try on one of mine :slight_smile:

Yep the Solution one is there on mine… COOL :slight_smile: