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I just received my laser machine and, it came with a LightBurn key which, I was able to register on my IMAC without any problem. However, whenever I attempt to register the license on my portable MacBook pro, it tell’s me it’s an invalid key. The license portal is no help because I am thinking that the license may also be registered to the company which sold me my laser. How do I transfer the license from the vendor to my MacBook pro. I do not want to carry the IMAC back and forth to my garage.

Invalid key means you are typing something wrong, If it was already activated on the max number of machines, it would tell you that the activation limit was exceeded. Copy and paste the license file into LightBurn if you have it electronically, that’s the easiest way to keep from mistyping something.

Steve is correct - if you get “invalid license key” it means it was entered incorrectly. If you email support at lightburnsoftware with the license key number we can assign it to your name & email address, and then you can use the license portal to manage your activations.

So if we enter wrong code how can we email you the correct code . Is that code stored in program so we can retrieve it?thanks

The standard license key comes with 2 seats so you should be able to deploy as you’d like. Copy and Paste is the best way to avoid mistyping your key.

Email support at lightburnsoftware dot com. Please include the key and the name of the vendor you purchased your laser from, and we will help sort this there.

@bull, I see that you also sent an email to us. I have responded there and am awaiting your response. :wink:

The first computer I did the copy and pasted, it worked good. . The copy and paste did not work for the second computer. ALSO, this morning I had to copy and paste the license back on the first computer. It wanted to start from scratch and, search for my laser again. What email address do I use in order to request to assign the license to me? I also want to change it to my business email address. The one I used to buy the laser on eBay gets too many spam email’s, about 100 a day.

Contact us at support at lightburnsoftware dot com.

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