Reinstall software

I have to reinstall back some programs in my computer, including LightBurn, if I do this do I have to buy another license even thou is going to the same computer that was install before?

No, you get 2 license seats. You should have deactivated your license in LightBurn before the reinstall. You might get lucky and re-registering on the computer, if you haven’t changed the hardware, and are using the same OS, will not take up another seat. But worst case you should be able to email LB and ask them nicely to deactivate the old one for you.

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Thank you for the info.

To elaborate a little, if you re-installed the operating system as well, then it’d be viewed as a new computer and you’d need to deactivate the old one. If you didn’t do this before wiping the machine, you’d need to contact support at lightburnsoftware with your license key and the name of the machine, and we can do this for you.

Thank you, for your help.,

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