Relation pwm generated with different min/max controller setting

This is a continuation of the discussion, mostly with @NicholasL

Ended up trying to clarify the different results we seem to get and expect…

I made two runs with three rectangular boxes, power levels at 25%, 50%, 100%. The second with 50%, 60% and 70% power levels.

For these, within the laser controller, Max is 80 and Min is 40.

Layer % Power Measured PWM Duty Cycle
25 40
75 76
100 80
50 52
60 60
70 72

Mine seems to indicate that it is not percentage between the max/min values.

Hope Nick and I can put our heads together and figure out what’s happening with the pwm values, his updated firmware seems to operate differently.

I got the scope out for two reasons, the above and currently a discussion with @berainlb about how to configure the Ruida so it will drive a regular dpssl (diode) module without some kind of interface circuit.

I switched the tube to an RF type within the controller, as per @berainlb suggestion…

Measured and watched the duty cycle for a slow 50mm/s and a move with no lase. It was pretty clear the duty cycle output of the Ruida when in RF tube (no pre-ignition) appears that it could drive a regular dpssl (diode) module properly.

The other part of this story was what happens to L-On when in this mode. I watched it on a multimeter and saw that L-On remains low… I actually expect a high state as this would allow the tube to lase if you mistakenly had it set to rf…

Maybe a good debug tip?


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Life was simpler when I thought 50% power meant half of my laser output capability. :roll_eyes:

Ignorance is bliss:face_with_spiral_eyes:

My camera has a PHD… the button on the top says Push Here Dummy


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You may want to rerun these tests with Max and Min set to the same value.

The values in the Ruida for the laser power…


In that case the measured values seem to correlate to be what you’d expect.

I’m reading the linked Topic and I see the discrepancy now. Basically the question of whether or not min and max are threshold values or book ends…

I’ve always understood these to be as you describe. But that would be interesting if they worked differently.