Reloading lightburn

If I delete lightburn and reload it, is that going to take away my registration key?

No - that information is stored elsewhere, as are your preferences and settings.

ok thank you, I want to reset everything because I am a new user and I think I have messed something up. will deleting lightburn and downloading it again reset everything?

No, it won’t actually do anything, because it stores all your settings somewhere else. What is it that you think you’ve messed up? (or, what is it doing / not doing that it shouldn’t be?)

ok, I am trying to engrave on a piece of wood. The wood is 6in width and 3.5in height. So I set my dimentions to 5.5in width and 3in height because I want the text to take up most of the piece of wood. Everytime I try it engraves at about 2 in height. Im sure its probably me, I definitely could use a teacher. im new to everything and trying to learn on my own. what I really need is step by step instructions on every number to put in …EVERYTHING…so I can follow that to give me an idea …ive tried the tutorials…but when a couple steps here and there are missing, and I have no idea what im doing then it doesn’t help me. Sorry to sound so confusing. lol

I replied to your other thread about this asking if you had accidentally enabled rotary mode. Have you checked that?

Yes, I checked that. it is not enabled

And you were connected to the machine with the software when you looked? (the option is stored on the Ruida controller, which is why I ask).

If you draw a simple box that’s 100mm x 100mm, and run that, how big is the result?

oh my gosh. I was not connected to the machine. Yes, it was enabled. and yes, 100 by 100 size is correct. Thank You so much. :smile:

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