Remember Camera on Startup

Should the software remember and automatically select the camera when starting? Using a Lightburn camera, Windows 10, and just have to reselect it in the camera control window. Found an old post that said this was going to be added but wondering if maybe it is an option I missed. A very minor item, loving this software.

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I experience the same.
I think i read here that this is due to window’s driver which keeps disconnecting thus causing lightburn to lose the connection. not sure this is so but i as well waiting for this issue to be solved.

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@Davemartin88 & @Squid - I’ve already added that option. It even remembers your camera on a per machine profile basis in case you have multiple machines connected to the same computer. It will be available in the next release.


Thanks, saw it was coming but wasn’t sure if it had arrived!

No worries. Maybe @LightBurn and I can see about having an “Upcoming Features” page :slight_smile: There’s certainly enough times where people ask about something that we’ve already added just not released yet.


Great. I searched before I posted and saw a post in February that said this was coming. I just started using Lightburn a few weeks ago when I bought a new laser and saw there had been a new release recently. Cameras can be finicky, thanks to all at Lightburn for the great work!

Ha, well, there’s a lot of things that are on the list. When we get to them depends on a lot of things. And @LightBurn actually has some further exciting camera improvements that will be coming in the next release :slight_smile:


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