Remove black boarder

I want to put this picture on an ornament. I used Photograv to convert it, but that program puts a black boarder around the picture cause it was a png file to start with. Anyway to remove it, it is going to engrave on the writing I have going around my ornament up top and that will screw it up.

No, not within LightBurn at this point. You will need to change the background to transparent using an external application to achieve what you are wanting.

Looks like a job for GIMP.

When I try to do that with the original. tiff file it gets converts it back to a jpeg.

The original is tiff? I thought it was png?
What format do you need for photograv to do its thing? (I don’t know photograv)

I started with a png, with no background around the picture. Photograv put a black back ground around it once it converts it.

Ahh, So Photograv translates the transparent part of the png to black.

If you import the original png in to GIMP you can turn off the alpha (transparent) layer and replace it with a color of your choosing. (white)
Export it back to a png and then have your way with it in photograv.

Look at for this stuff. It will save in PNG, with transparency, and you could quite easily load the file there and delete the black border. Save as a file with transparent background.

You could also skip PhotoGrav completely and use LightBurn’s image properties, and dithering, all of which respect transparency.

I tired using the original picture with LB, the results were not what I was looking for.