Removing an orphan line

I have been working on this file for a while and ended up with an orphan line. I can’t remove it. I tried adding polygons to it, but it is part of the over all layer. No idea how it got there either. There is a big arrow pointing it out. Please let me know if it is something I can do. Is there an erase function that I haven’t found yet?

i need help.lbrn2 (29.3 KB)

That line is grouped with the surrounding shape. First ungroup. Then you should be able to delete the line.

Thanks it worked. If I don’t weld a bunch of shapes together, can I group them and will they burn as one layer?

Welding, grouping, and layers are all distinct concepts and have different effects.

I suggest you read about them in the documentation:

Welding is at the shape level and can work to combine multiple shapes into a single shape.
Modifier Tools - LightBurn Software Documentation

Grouping works on multiple objects/shapes and logically associates them but does not combine the shapes into a single shape.
Basic Usage: The Essentials - LightBurn Software Documentation

Layers are logical organizations of shapes that share the same laser operation.
Cuts and Layers - LightBurn Software Documentation

You have no idea how helpful this is. I always thought welding was done with welders. Thanks!

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