Removing files from the controller (Ryxon KT332N, now I have 3 entries no title, and if I try to delete them, Communication failure

Isn’t there a way that you can delete files from the controller using lightburn? I thought I read this a couple days ago. My problem, I was deleting files using the panel, and suddenly things started acting wonky, slamming the Y axis (even though the sensor is working). If I do a full controller reset and restore the machine settings from file, will that supply ALL settings? I am considering replacing the controller with a genuine Ruida controller, and will these settings work on the new one?

Click the Window menu and turn on the File List window. In there is a Delete All button.

And yes, if you restore the controller from a machine settings file, it should restore all the settings. Assuming the new machine has the same settings, or mostly the same, restoring to a new controller would work too.

Thank you. I’m a little bit leery of this controller at this point, as it’s probably a couple years old, no Firmware updates available, and I think this is the second time the memory has gotten corrupted. I will probably look at the 6445S

Thanks, I received my new Ruida 6445S today, and while it was not completely a plug and play thing, I managed to figure out where I had to move sensor wires, and some other items, I got all working again, including the auto-focus. Only thing I lost was the up address I had configured with the lightburn bridge, but I’ll try to figure that out tomorrow… had to move the bed to the Z axis instead of U axis, that threw me off a bit!

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