Renewal has expired but can I upgrade to a version that was available during renewal period?

I bought Lightburn in October 2020, so that means by 1 year free upgrade period ran out in October 2021. So my question is this…

I have version 0.9.19 installed which was the latest version available at time of purchase date. Would I be allowed to upgrade to Version 1.0.04 as this was the last version released that was within my 1 year free update window?

didn’t want to try it in case It failed without asking first.

Thanks in advance

This is the only place I know of…

Good luck


Yes, you can upgrade to any version that was released while your upgrade ability was valid. The link that jkwilborn provided has all of the release versions that have ever been posted.

Honestly, just renew your license for the latest updates. That keeps the lights on and keeps this great product under continuous development. I’ve been using Lightburn for 3 or 4 years now and they are constantly adding features without bloating the software that ultimately makes my workflow faster, easier, and more productive.

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Very kind words of endorsement, James. Thank you very much. We all appreciate hearing our efforts are bringing value and enjoyment. :slight_smile:

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