Renewal - Not $30 as promised when I joined

So when I bought my license, it was $40. When I originally purchased the license the promise was that the license renewal would be $30.

Anyways, today I click on renewing my license and it is asking for $42, which is more than I paid for my original license. I understand that the dollar value is not hugely different, but I’m just concerned that there was a little smoke and mirrors, as I paid originally $40 for the license, and then was told the renewal was $30, but it is now $42.

Here is what I paid originally
Screenshot 2022-09-24 131724

It’s still posted like this at How the LightBurn license works – LightBurn Software

This is the price that is now showing for renewal.

Is that Canadian dollars?

Renewal shows as $30 USD for me still. I wonder if the $30 renewal highlight you have wasn’t tailored to adjust for currency.

The other change is that the price of the base LightBurn software has gone up. G-code license now is $60 USD, $83 CAD.

and it was $81 CAD a few days ago when I paid. CDN $ has fallen recently against the USD.

oh weird… I paid USD before and it showed in USD. I will check to see if it is CAD.

My bad, this was CAD not USD.

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