Repetitive Tumbler Engraving Issues

Using LB Version 24 with Rudia 6445G and RotoBoss rotary. I have no issues engraving my first tumbler but when a second one is placed in the rotary and I click start the image shifts consistently. What origin settings could cause this issue or has anyone ran into this issue? Thanks

When using the rotary, it’s generally a good idea to use “current position” as the “Start From” setting. - Rotary Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

Thanks for the reply. I followed these directions and the first tumbler engraves great. Place the second one in and the image is engraved as if it’s been moved to the upper left quadrant.

For clarity, what does this mean? Please describe your exact, step-by-step process to help us “see” what you do. Did you do this for the second item?

  • Align your object under the laser head in a position where the X axis will start and rotate the object in the rotary attachment to the point where you want the Y axis to start engraving.

I have found that I should never hit start on the Ruida or it shifts. I always hit start in Lightburn. That seemed to fix it.

I’m also using a LB camera that is very accurate.
Sorry for leaving that out.

  1. Place tumbler in rotary

  2. open image to be engraved

  3. position image where it needs to be on tumbler.

  4. select “current position” and click on center.

  5. select laser to move to point and laser moves exactly where selected.

  6. enable rotary

  7. click Start and tumbler is complete

  8. remove finished tumbler and place another tumbler in rotary.

  9. click Start and then instead of engraving on the same plane the image engraved has moved as I described before.

I also noticed that after engraving the first tumbler and clicking Frame it’s perfect but when the second is put in then Frame is clicked it has moved just like the second engraved image.

I’m clicking the LB to Start. Thanks

I’m Starting in LB. thanks

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