Replaced motherboard need to program home etc

Replaced motherboard and the home is backwards and can’t “get position” to work.

If the old board still connects to LightBurn, do that and save the old configuration. Then connect the new board, load the saved configuration file, and it should be good to go.

You may be able to load an automatically saved configuration file, which could be pretty close to what you need.

More details:

Thank you for your time to answer this. I started the whole thing back up after the change of board and it moves with “jog”, backwards. It tries to go to the upper right corner for home. It has limit switches at the lower left which worked fine before the change. I have tried to rehome to no avail. It also comes up with com 5 when searching for the device when the original came in as com 4. Make a difference?? I haven’t tried anything else as I’m afraid to jam it up.

The old board was replaced because the usb socket got ripped out when the cord was stepped on.

Which pretty much kills my original suggestion stone cold dead. :grin:

You may, however, still be able to find an automatically saved settings file. Search the disk for files ending in .lbset and load the most recent one into the new controller; it may be Good Enough to get you going.

Windows renumbers COM ports with gleeful abandon, so what you see is no surprise. In fact, the same board may show up at a different port after you plug in another USB device.

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Thanks I’ll try this.

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