Replaced power supply now files seem to be corrupt

Ive got a 50w chinnese laser with a Rueda 644 xg controller. Laser worked fine power supply went out i replaced it with the exact power supply plugged back in. I made no other changes. Now wen I engrave I have very pour quality lines and also missing lots of the engraving. I’ve tried multiple files. I’ve also tried creating new text and have the same issue.

this image is what is happening. I’ve set the power lower not to burn the wood. Also this is very consistent so im assuming its a setting that is in correct. Please any help or suggestions are appreciated.

You say it’s doing “this” - do you mean the left, the right, or both?

If you changed nothing else but the power supply, why do you think it’s now a setting that is incorrect, since you said that you didn’t change those? My guess would be that the new supply is wired incorrectly or not working, or when the old supply went out it damaged something else.

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In the picture the light colored engraving that was done above the plaque is what gets engraved. The file im asking it to engrave is what is on the plaque it self. I assumed it was a setting issue since the problem is consistent and the laser is working and moving as it should just not engraving all of what it should. The preview showed that everything is getting engraved just not actually doing it. When I replaced the power supply I used the factory plugs so I did not change any of the wiring so I have to assume that is all correct. If you where to take a guess and say something else got damaged what would that be?

Is the new power supply identical to the old one? Just because they have the same plugs doesn’t mean the connections are the same, so that would be worth double checking. You should also check the wiring, to make sure it’s not a loose connection or something similar. I can’t think of anything that would make the laser “mostly off” and then occasionally work just for a line, other than a loose wire.

I will check the wiring and let you know if I find anything. Thank you for the quick response!

Check the power supply is set correctly for 110/220 VAC

Ok I’ve checked the wiring on the power supply everything seems to be correct and no loose wires.

this picture shows a little more info the first logo is just (Line) and the second two are just (fill) the third one is (line and fill). You can see with the two logos in the middle that it is consistently engraving the same thing so if it was a hardware or loose wire I would think it would show up here with some inconsistentsy. At the end of the day I have no idea what I’m doing. Lol oh and I did check the power supply is set to the 115 position for use with 110.

I spy with my little eye…
Three separate issues with that last photo.

  1. The corners on your text are pretty badly burned. You need to turn your MIN power down so when the laser slows for corners it doesn’t over burn.

  2. That wiggliness on the text (especially the middle of those M’s) is a mechanical problem. Looks like something is jiggly on the Y-axis. Slower speeds and acceleration may help, but something on that Y-axis has unwanted motion.

  3. The fuzziness on the edges of scanned stuff looks like a Scanning Offset issue.
    Is Scanning Offset Adjustment enabled? What numbers do you have set in the offset list?
    Scanning offset is something that may change with a new power supply if the new one has a slower or faster response time than the old one.

Edit: Oh, and make sure you don’t have a ramp length set on that fill (cut settings editor)

Ok i lowered my min power that made a huge difference thank you for that ive been struggling with that issue for a awhile. Now onto the other issues. I do have scanning offset enabled and slowed it down to 200 @-0.0394 I was running 300 @0.0197. The pictures will show that even with better offset at slower speeds we are still missing some of the fill in the number and name above.

Do you only have one entry in your offset table? I believe that you need at least 2 accurately measured entries so LB can extrapolated the correct offset for other speeds.
I measured the required offset for 4 different speeds on mine.

This is what I have set at the moment and it seems to be better for sure but still not getting everything filled in properly.

Negative numbers? I don’t think that works. And 20 & 40 thousandths of an inch is REALLY a lot.
I think you need to do the scan offset test again and measure carefully because those look wrong.

See if this is helpful:

These are the results I get with positive and negative numbers.

Hank i want to take a second to also say thank you for the assistance I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure this Out! Your help is greatly appreciated!

I’m not sure what to think about that. Someone smarter than me will have to comment on that one.
I’ve always just measured the offset between 2 adjacent lines and divided by 2 to get the offset for a particular speed. And I’ve always ended up with a positive number…

Now I’m curious what “typical numbers” other folks are using.

So this is your “no offset” scan, right?
Just to make sure I’m picturing this right, which corner did the laser start from. (which line scanned first and in what direction)

Yes that is 0 offset and it starts bottom left moves to right and then up.

Hmm. Well this confuses me more but explains the need for negative offset numbers.

I’m used to seeing a delay that makes the beginning of a line start too late, so the beginning of the line would be inset relative to the ends of the lines on either side of it.

If you started from the left, then your first line appears to start too early or else the ends of the adjacent lines end too early? That’s backwards from what I expect and I’m not sure how that could be. I think I’m in over me head here…

So, you’ve scanned a rectangle to get those lines. Can you duplicate that rectangle to another layer and set it to draw a line at low power to give a “reference square” to see where the scanned stuff ends up relative to the real edge of the rectangle? (With no offsets entered)

Hank here is a what I think you where asking for other then the outer border is darker then I wanted it.

I used a few different offsets to give you a good idea of what going on.

OK, so which end of which line did the scan start from? The offsets on these scanned lines are mirrored from the last photo so I assume the scan started on the other side?


What’s up with this? Is the outline box the same size as the scanned box? The scan lines are even, but look how far short they are with meeting up with the edge of the box.

Lets go back to the beginning. The original power supply died and you replaced it.
Everything worked fine before the PS change?
Did you also have similar results on the scan offset test with the old PS, with similar (negative) numbers?

I wish someone with more know-how would step in here.