Replacement camera

Now when the cameras are delayed. Do you have any sugestion for other brand and models to use instead of your cameras?

Hi I’m new here, so Hi.
I also really need a camera as soon as possible and would lik to know if you can suggest an alternative to use.

@patglazz & @djamt

I strongly suggest using the LightBurn cameras and lenses. The developers spend valuable R&D time to insure the many lens option work great with the calibration targets and software and the many different bed configurations from small tables to the super large . If you are going to use the LightBurn software you can not do any better then their cameras.




I agree but until the supplier gets back to china I need another option to carry me over

With the current (public) version of the software, cameras we supply are the only ones I can really guarantee will work for you, because we’ve tested and measure them, and the manufacturer alters the firmware to make them default to high-res.

With the next release, the ‘default to high-res’ problem won’t be an issue any more (on Windows 8 or higher, at least) so you’ll be able to buy any USB camera and have it work, but you’d need to figure out your own lens angle / mounting height.

You haven’t mentioned how large your laser work area is, or where you want to mount the camera, so I can’t really give you anything other than some of the ELP cameras on Amazon do work.

Sorry - I have a 900 x 600mm bed and will have to mount the camera on the open lid
off hand I think it was to 80-90 degree camera I needed. (anyone got a spare they’d be willing to sell?)

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