Replacement parts to have at hand

Other than mirrors, lens and maybe tube what are some replacement parts that everyone should have at hand just in case something happens?

Be careful of having a spare tube. They have a shelf life and start degrading from the day they are manufactured. Better to just buy a tube when you need it in my opinion. Mirrors and lens are good to have a spare set of, as well as a Power supply, it is one of the components that has the highest failure rate, especially the 40W and 50W ones. That is all you really need to have on hand.

Well, I’ve had my chinese red&black for a little over 2 months now and so far the key switch for laser power has died, and yesterday the crummy water pump started making awful noises so it’s dead soon.

So I guess I would suggest a spare water pump and some spare switches. :slight_smile:

Belts, fuses, switches, ventilation fans come to mind, none of which should be too expensive. If this is for a business where downtime is bad for your bottom line, you might also consider a spare power supply and controller.

Main power switch, laser power switch and e-stop switch.

Proximity switches used as part of your laser’s homing function.

You need to fill in your profile with information about your laser type, controller type, etc., so that people better advise you about specifics when you for assistance.

Thanks you all. This was helpfull

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