Replacing computer, will I need new key?

I am having to replace the computer I have on my machine. I have backed up my harddrive with all the i.porta t stuff and still have my old computer working (barely). Will i need a new key code when I install Lightburn on my new computer or should it pick up on it’s own through the back up drive?

Each key comes with 2 seats so you might be able to enter again on the new system and be set. If you have any issues with this, send the key along to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and we will help sort you there. Please, do not post your key in public. :wink:

Thaynks Rick. I just have to find my key somewhere, all my saved emails have gone and I can’t find the printed copy

Looking under the email you registered with here, I don’t find you in our systems. Did you purchase from us or from one of our resellers? Could it be under a different name/email?

Thought I had used to order it. I have the paypal invoice still and it went to that email address

That one works. You have something different listed here.

I currently see one single system “DESKTOP-A64BEGB” which I have removed for you. (note: I have also resent the key to the original email address so you have a new copy.)

Thanks so much. New computer gets here Saturday by FedEx IF I’m lucky. This hadms been a rough month. First the tube on my laser died, now the computer. Still just figuring out Lightburn. Still just in the very basic stages but learning. I love the prigram and the service.

You are welcome. Good luck. We are here to help.

Got it saved on my phone, printed out on paper and saving this email as well. Thankyou again.

This is good news for me, I first used a giant gaming computer and wish I had not. I bought an Intel Nuc it’s compact and takes up little room

Do you suggest doing a fresh download of the program rk the neq co.puter and then addi g the key or geg from the backup drive?

Well, not sure. :slight_smile: Maybe try again?

Sorry, fat thumbs real tired and medicine head last night.
On the new computer, would it be best to download Lightburn fresh and use the key or shouldnI take it from the back up instead? Which would you suggest?

I will always suggest a clean install with the latest version you have access to.

Thankyou for your help. Everything went well for my Lightburn move

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