Reprise d'un gravure à un point defini (Resuming an engraving at a defined point)

Bjr, est t’il possible de reprendre une gravure à un point défini de l’image pour ne pas refaire toute la gravure afin d’accentuer celle-ci merci.
je m’explique démarrer le laser sur une cote de Y plus haut que l’origine mais que cela grave l’image exactement à ce point précis de l’image et que ça ne reprend pas la gravure complète mais nouveau point origine.

Bjr, is it possible to resume an engraving at a defined point of the image so as not to redo the entire engraving in order to accentuate it, thank you.
I explain to myself to start the laser on a dimension of Y higher than the origin but that that engraves the image exactly at this precise point of the image and that it does not resume the complete engraving but new point origin.

I did some repair to some of my work by selecting one or two features and sending them to the laser with the ‘Cut Selected’. You can add or remove from your selection by using CTRL or Shift and selecting more.

This may be worth review:

if you’re working with an image or a grouped spline - mask may work better for you:

one other thought - The preview window has a ‘Start From Here’ feature.

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Merci beaucoup.

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