Request: Changing the speed for the second pass

I often cut 2.7mm MDF boards. The output is set to 100% and the speed ranges from 300 to 400mm/min in a single pass.Occasionally, there are instances where I am unable to cut certain areas as shown in the photo.

When it comes to 2-pass cutting, it is possible to achieve clean cuts, but it may take longer. Since most of the cutting is already done in the 1st pass, the movement speed for the 2nd pass can be faster.
I would like to have an option in the advanced settings to change the speed for subsequent passes.By doing so, it will ensure accurate cuts and also reduce the working time. Please consider implementing this option.

This is an image of the settings screen.

You should be able to do that with sub-layers. Just set the second layer to the speed you want.

Thanks for the answer. I was not aware of that feature.

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