Request for an added feature

Let me kick off by saying that I think that LightBurn is one of the best design programs I have on my Mac. In fact there have been occasions when I have had to export from the very expensive software Shapr3D that I run on my iPad Pro, bring it into LightBurn to carry out a task that Shapr3D can’t, then send it back again.
So can I put in a request for a feature that as far a I am aware is not present? You have the option to lock selected shapes but that locks it in place as well. What would be handy would be the additional option to lock the shape dimensions to prevent resizing but allow movement. On a couple of occasions when zoomed in I have been trying to move a shape to line it up only to find I was actually changing the size.

Just noticed the Feature Suggestion at the top of the page (I’m none too bright) so please delete the if n the wrong place.

Perfect. Glad you found the correct location for Feature Requests.

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