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I’m about to buy lightburn after a trial and comparing with RDWorks. I largely use keyboard and stylus for this work, and lightburn actually works with a stylus, whereas RDWorks has horrible support. Many other much more intuitive features with lightburn as well,.

However, there is one feature that would be highly valuable to me: scroll bars for the work area. Yes, you can zoom and pan, but this is a bit of a pain. I saw that you were looking to add gesture support, which is great but I’d like to add my vote to the inclusion of scrollbars. Both Inkscape and support this (two tools I use in conjunction with laser engraving) and it would be great if they all had roughly similar controls when working in the creative space.


LightBurn provides a voting site for users to add suggested enhancements. Scrollbars consume a lot of screen space for those using smaller screens. This has been suggested before and declined.

I’ve always personally hated them because they take up valuable screen space and they’re clunky and awkward, and I find the “scroll wheel == vertical, Ctrl == horizontal” thing that InkScape does very unintuitive. I could possibly be convinced to add them as an option, but given that you can use the middle mouse to drag the view, hold space then drag the view, or use the pan button, it seems like overkill. Have you tried any of the above?

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I don’t usually have a mouse handy when I’m working in the shop with the laser. I’ll also do work whenever I have time, and that doesn’t always (seldom, actually) coincide with sitting at a desk where I have a mouse or trackball available. I’m running off a convertible tablet, so I have a glide pad (which kinda suck for this) and a stylus. Scroll bars seem to work much better in this kind of setup. I end up doing a fair bit of detail work in paint .net and the scroll bars there are invaluable for quick re-positioning /re-centering the working area, with the stylus.

I don’t share the complaint about taking up too much room on the screen. I’m usually on a 12" screen and do not find the scrollbars intrusive in other programs. Not everyone is working with a mouse or in a permanent location. I’m working with what I usually have on hand, which is a stylus and glidepad. Much of the tweaking occurs in the shop right next to the laser, and there’s not much space for anything else anyway.

Just FYI, I do work in IT and understand this is not necessarily a quick and easy feature to add. However, I’m also not the only person to ask for this. Would be great if they could be an on/off option. Appreciate your consideration.


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